BlogThe first thing that can increase website traffic from search engines is to add a blog to your website.  The addition of a blog provides regular new content and increased interaction which can greatly improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines look for new content on websites and having a blog that is updated regularly provides them with this content. You must make sure your content has keywords in it but is not "stuffed" with keywords just to garner web traffic.  That can hurt more than it can help.  Secondly, post a link to your blog post with a short description on as many social platforms and other blogs as makes sense.  Posts in places like LinkedIn, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Delicious, Stumble Upon and more.These sites have very high Google ranks and having links into your site's content from them can be very places

Another tool is to make sure your company is set up and has claimed their listing on the main business portals across the web, like Google Places, Yahoo Business Listings and more.  These sites allow for quite a bit of information to be posted about your business, including a link to your site and on most, a place for reviews. 

In Part II we will talk about additional useful tools to drive traffic to your website.