Now, the larger and more important question, "Why my business?" One of the fastest growing social media platforms that incorporates pictures with small amounts of attached text is Instagram. Just last week, Instagram updated its software so it would offer video as well. Having both picture and video features allows your company to display its product or business in limitless ways.

The fun part about Instagram is that you get to be creative! It is up to your company to think of styles to display your business or product in a way that your followers will enjoy. For example: high end clothing stores, restaurants or local homebuilding companies can post pictures of the hottest trends, savory entrées or the newest and most affordable houses on the market. While, Dentists, Home & Garden stores or cell phone companies can post "how-to" videos to show how exactly a filling is filled, how a summer vegetable garden is prepared or how to set up a lock pad on your new phone.

Consumers want value in the posts that your company produces. Make sure to offer information that your audience will enjoy and that your audience will want to view or watch. The majority of your posts should have the answer YES when asking: "Will my audience learn or appreciate this post?" Have fun with your Instagram posts by indulging in creativity and by displaying your company's character. Instagram offers an opportunity to form a more personal relationship with your audience and hopefully, in time, form trustworthy and brand loyal consumers.

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