Digital agencies generally fall into a few categories. Some claim that they’re really creative. Some claim that they’re driven by data. Some try to wow you with their firm grasp on all of the new technologies. And, some even promise to tell your company’s story… by a campfire presumably. Here’s the problem with those categories:

  1. You’re creative, great! But what if the creative misses the mark?
  2. You’re data-driven, fantastic! But what if you’re only measuring one crappy idea next to another?
  3. You know all the new technologies, terrific! But how can you use them to make your clients money?
  4. You tell stories, amazing! What are you asking people to do with that information?


Get the Big Picture

You, your competition, your customers, and even economic conditions and we develop plans, websites, and marketing strategies that will help you reach your goals. And, we’ll be whatever we need to be — creative, data-driven, technophiles, and storytellers - to get the job done right.


Lesa Seibert - Founder, Xstreme Media

About Lesa Seibert

Lesa Seibert is CEO of Xstreme Media, a Louisville-based international multi-media firm she founded in 2000. The company focuses on web design that is responsive for mobile platforms, social media, internet pay-per-click marketing, E-Mail marketing, content management, and SEO (search engine optimization) for over 200 clients. Lesa has 15+ years in the web / Internet industry, overseeing her team in all facets of the company, from design to operations. She is a featured speaker around the region and hosts seminars on web design, social media and internet marketing for groups and companies. She is also a Google and Constant Contact Certified Expert. Lesa is very involved in the community, serving on the Louisville Arena Authority Board, Louisville Regional Airport Authority Board, Women 4 Women Board, Citizens Union Bank Advisory Board, and IdeaFestival Planning and Taste of Innovation Committees. In her spare time, Lesa likes to sing, play golf and travel.

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