To have successful SEO you must have great content, that is just a given. What you don't want to do is think that the more content you have with a bunch of keywords crammed in will work even better. Not really true. Google and the other search engines look for content that is well written and answers the question of the searcher. It should be written for a specific audience and address a topic that they are interested in. The article should take a unique approach to the topic and enegeage the user by providing them with either information they can use or a product they need.

The content needs to contain keywords relevant to the topic based on your target audience. Don't stuff a bunch of keywords in an article just to try and get traffic. When people get there to read it they will see this and leave. Google also looks at what they call "Quality Score" which means the article is relevant to the searcher's query and is well written and addresses the topic without stuffing it full of non-relevant keywords. Writing relevant and well-written content will increase engagement from visitors.

Try to publish new content regularly. Search engines love fresh content. You don't have to put up new content every day, but if you can get on a regular schedule of weekly or twice weekly, it can be very beneficial. 

One last tip is to establish a Google Authorship for yourself by linking your Google+ profile with the content you write. Google Author Rank determines the quality of your content based on the reputation of its author. The higher the author credibility, the higher the placement the content will receive in search results.

Next time, we will look at making your content sharable.